We will quote to supply any quantity of parts or assemblies if there is machining involved.

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  Motorsport Customer:

The customer wanted to market an adjustable coil over suspension kit for a less common vehicle.
  1. Reverse engineer various samples and create drawings to suit available shocks and springs
  2. Source available/suitable steel and aluminium stock to meet specifications
  3. Adjust drawings to satisfy customer’s design
  4. Machine small batch of steel and aluminium parts
  5. Arrange zinc plating and anodizing
  6. Supply finished kit of parts
Autodesk Inventor, 2 axis turning, 3 axis turning, subcontract services.
  Fire Truck manufacturer:

The customer is required to fit non-standard Adapter Couplings to their trucks.
  1. Reverse engineer 2 samples and combine features into 1 component
  2. Create 3D Model for concept approval
  3. Produce working drawings
  4. Manufacture prototypes for testing
  5. Machine Parts and Assemble
Autodesk Inventor, OneCNC CAM, 2 axis turning, 3 axis milling.
Hard turn
Sheep Shearing equipment:

Supply precision component at reduced cost.
  1. Machine all features in 3 axis lathe. Incl. Square
  2. Case Harden in economical batches
  3. Hard turn bearing diameter 0.013 tolerance instead of grinding
  4. Lower price and reduced lead time

3 Axis turning, subcontract Heat Treatment, 2 axis Hard turn

Design and manufacture a range of Tube joiners for BRC
  1. Improve design of imported joiners.
  2. Assessed by Rollcage Builders
  3. Machine, Deburr, Rust protection and package.