While our machinery is not unique or rare, our no nonsense approach to getting the job done is less common. We have become experts at efficiently supplying low volume batches of diverse components.

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3 Axis Lathes.

We have 2 “Live Tool” lathes, both can barfeed Diameter 65mm barstock, have a programmable tailstock, part catcher, 12 station tool turret-all live, auto barloader, touch setter etc.

These machines are a real advantage when it comes to drilling and tapping operations anywhere on the end face or cross drilling (& tapping). The number of machines required to do the job is reduced and geometric accuracy is excellent. They are also well suited for milling keyways and similar features.

  • Hitachi Seiki 23R, Daewoo 230MB
  • Max Turning Dia 290mm.
  • Max Turning Length 500mm.

2 Axis Lathes.
We have 3 of these CNC Lathes with bar capacity from 45mm to 76mm.
These reliable workhorses are utilized for everything from delicate hard turning 0.10mm deep cuts with bearing fit tolerances to 5mm deep roughing cuts making steel rain!

  • Daewoo Lynx210, Daewoo Puma 250B, Daewoo 8S
  • Barfeeder – Dia. 50mm x 4 metre hydrostatic.
  • IEMCA Barloader - Dia. 50/65 x 1000/1200mm Auto loader.
  • Max Turning Diameter 380mm.
  • Max Turning Length 650mm.


3 &4 Axis milling.

Vertical machining centre. 3 axis machine with a 4th axis attachment.

We can machine in 4 axis simultaneously.

  • OKUMA MB56VA OSP200M Max work dimension - 1300mm x 560mm

Maximum Travels

  • X-axis (ram saddle R/L) - 1050mm
  • Y-axis (table B/F) - 560mm
  • Z-axis (spindle U/D) - 460mm
  • Table surface to spindle nose - 150~610mm

Mig Welding

We will weld steel assemblies which also require machining.
335 AMP WIA Mig Welder & Programmable rotary table.