Proud Australian manufacturer.
We purchase Australian materials and tooling when practical.

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We believe our business is a responsible and positive contributor to Australian society.

Employee Safety and Welfare:
The core of our business is the people. The safe and comfortable work environment is well appreciated by all employees.
Since 1995 there has never been a serious injury at work.
Our remuneration and conditions meet or exceed those set out in the Award. Working hours are flexible to accommodate family commitments and lifestyle. Management encourages the social club and provides incentives and rewards for meeting company goals.

We minimize our environmental impact by recycling all scrap metal, paper and cardboard. Waste oil is minimized and stored for appropriate disposal. Water soluble coolant utilizes collected rainwater when abundant.
We re-use packaging materials, cartons, recycled pallets and skids.
 "electricity consumed at this site is matched by clean energy generation" - Momentum Energy.

Australian Made:
We are a proud Australian manufacturer. Where practical, we source Australian made steel, tooling and fluids.
We love machining: Our workmanship and quality adds to Australia's reputation as a quality manufacturer.

Kennewell CNC Machining has supported several community events and projects.


Member of Murraylands Manufacturing Alliance. Facilitated by the Murraylands regional development board.